Thursday, September 4, 2014

Top Ski Destinations for Winter 2014

With the change of months on our calendars, all focus is squarely on a shift of seasons and the fast approaching trips to winter resorts. Still not sure where you ought to go for your next ski trip? Here are some of the top ski destinations to check out for the winter season.
  1. Squaw Valley – You could go to any of the resorts in the Tahoe area and find great downhill trails, but we recommend Squaw Valley. It’s a great spot if you’re a winter sports fan as it has plenty of terrain for jumping, cutting, skiing on moguls and more.
  2. Whistler – Located in British Columbia, Canada, Whistler is by far the largest, most vast ski area on the continent. You can spend a week chock full of skiing on its grounds and still not explore all of its trails.
  3. Vail – Head over to Colorado’s Vail Resort to find consistent and lush snowfall every year. They experience more than 325 inches a year of fresh powder, making Vail the go-to resort of skiing in beautiful Colorado.
  4. Jackson Hole – After you’ve had your fill of Tahoe. Head north to Wyoming and check out Jackson Hole. The resort’s state-of-the-art tram system can take you thousands of feet up where the air is clear and crisp. A perfect spot for a memorable run.
  5. Mammoth Mountain – So we’re a little biased towards western resorts, but with good reason! Mammoth Mountain features some of the most insane slopes around. Several of them don’t even begin until over 8,000 feet, making those slopes the perfect spot for testing your mettle.
The shift of seasons has us excited to lock in to our skis and start carving up new and exciting runs. Do you have a resort you’re heading to this season that isn’t on this list? Sound off in the comments below and let us know about it!

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