Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Best Types of Packs for Different Excursions

A lot of people ask us for advice about choosing the right pack for an outdoor excursion. Of course, there is no one pat answer to that question. A backpack should be selected according to several criteria. Where will you be going and for how long? How much can you comfortably carry? Anyone who ventures into the great outdoors needs to carry at least a few things, but there’s no point in buying and toting more pack than you actually need. KL Mountainshop is pleased to present a splendid selection of well-made packs to suit a variety of purposes. In our colorful online catalog you’ll find daypacks, multi-day packs, alpine sport packs and packs that are just right for skiers and snowboarders.

Not sure which type of pack to purchase? Here’s a basic guide to help you choose:

Day Hiking
For a short day hike, you won’t need to carry a sleeping bag or overnight gear. Still, you’ll want to take along at least one bottle of water and perhaps a light lunch. A first aid kit is always a good thing to take on a hike of any duration. Many experts say that a day pack should weigh no more than four and a half pounds. What if we told you that KL Mountainshop sells a backpack that weighs just nine ounces? It’s true. Our North Face Flyweight Pack is the lightest pack around and ideal for a day hike. This frameless backpack is made of durable Ripstop nylon and provides 17 liters of carrying space. Contoured air mesh shoulder straps provide all-day comfort.

Overnight Hiking
The North Face Cinder Pack 55 is one of our best-selling packs, and for good reason. Even with the removable frame in place, this 55-liter pack weighs less than five pounds empty. The flip-lid makes for easy loading and the cinch closure keeps your stuff secure in rugged conditions. This high quality TNF multi-day pack is ideal for hikers who desire an overnight wilderness adventure.

Rock Climbing
If you’re going to go cragging, you’ll want a lightweight pack that is somewhat larger than a typical day pack. Rock climbers require gear that other hikers do not. The Scrambler Backpack from Mountain Hardwear is preferred by rock climbers for its lightness and super durability. The Scrambler weighs in at a mere 11 ounces, but provides plenty of room for a mountaineer’s rope, rack and rock shoes.

Mountain Biking
Where biking packs are concerned, The North Face wins again. The Jester Pack by TNF offers plenty of space for water, snacks, a first aid kit, spare chain links and a small tire pump. This 27 liter backpack comes with patented Flex Vent injection-molded shoulder straps for comfort even on extended bicycling trips.

If you’re the sort of person who enjoys a number of outdoor activities, you may wish to consider purchasing more than one pack. If you have packs of varying size, your hiking, biking or climbing range won’t be limited by the capacity you can comfortably carry. KL Mountainshop carries a very nice assortment of backpacking gear and accessories from such respected makers as The North Face, Patagonia, Marmot, Burton and Black Diamond.

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