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The North Face Press Release : Research, Design and Development Process


The most crucial step involves testing both in our laboratories and with our athletes on expeditions around the world. Our athletes often recommend an innovation that’s outside the bounds of existing technology. The North Face® Research, Design and Development team accepts their challenges and turns to the laboratory for new fabrics and components. Our teams of designers and fabric technicians must turn those revolutionary raw materials into gear that maximizes an athlete’s ability to survive and succeed in the most severe weather conditions.

STEP 1: Research & Design in Conjunction With World-Class Athletes
Athletes who constantly pursue their own limits help us push the limits of apparel and equipment design and technology. The North Face® Athlete Team gives us constant feedback on the clothing and equipment they depend on for success and survival in their adventures. We hear from our athletes through gear evaluations and regular athlete input sessions.

STEP 2: Advance Material Research & Development
We partner with the world’s most innovative leading materials engineers to create the technically advanced fabrics needed to develop clothing and equipment that meet our high standards. For example, The North Face®, in conjunction with W.L. Gore, created the concept and helped to launch PacLite™ the most compressible, lightest weight GORE-TEX® shell fabric available - weighing only 3.2 ounces per yard. By adhering this new GORE-TEX® laminate to our proprietary, extremely lightweight nylon substrate, we succeeded in creating a shell material perfectly suited for the extreme lightweight requirements demanded in high-altitude expeditions.

STEP 3: Innovative Design & Construction
Exploring the frontiers of technology for better fabrics and components is only the beginning of the life cycle of a new piece of gear. A great example of this is our C130 Tent Test. Our entire tent line was tested against our competitors by placing them in back of a C130 plane. The plane’s four engines produce 13,000 ft/lbs. of torque and are capable of producing wind speeds in excess of 80 mph and unlike wind-tunnel tests, the propellers can create wind currents that are irregular and multi-directional. The results speak for themselves - our tents outperformed all the competition.

STEP 4: Laboratory Tested & Expedition Proven
We save the most critical step in our product development process for last. In addition to subjecting our products to a tortuous battery of laboratory tests, we send our apparel and equipment on extended athlete expeditions to learn how new products perform under the true test of the great outdoors. After receiving feedback, we refine each product until it receives approval from our world-class athlete team.

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Press Release ! Registration for the 2014 North Face Race To The Top Of Vermont is OPEN!

The North Face Race to the Top of Vermont has been called
The Hardest Race Everyone Can Do
This event isn’t only for those individuals that are driven to train 7 days a week or are blessed with outstanding genetics. This is an event for Everyone. Now… that doesn’t mean the Race To The Top is easy. It’s not. It means this course is going to challenge you, but with enough determination you will succeed, you will make it to the Top of Vermont, and we hope you will be inspired by your achievement.
Every August the North Face Race To The Top Of Vermont draws as many as 800 hikers, mountain bikers, and runners from across the U.S. and Canada to climb Mount Mansfield, Vermont’s highest peak located in Stowe, Vermont. The course climbs up the historic Toll Road, is 4.3 miles in length, and climbs 2564 ft. For some it’s all about trying to achieve a fast time up this tough 4.3 mile course. For others… they come to challenge themselves, and to enjoy the spectacular views. For non-competitive individuals, hiking is perfect way to experience this beautiful course, enjoy the company of friends, and be inspired by their effort and yours. Either way, we promise that the Race to the Top of Vermont will be one of the most challenging and fulfilling days you experience all season long.
This year the Catamount Trail Association (CTA) is excited to partner again with The North Store @ KL Sport as the Title Sponsor of the 7th Annual Race To The Top Of Vermonttaking place on August 24, 2014. The North Face Store @ KL Sport has long been the place to go when looking for high quality equipment and amazing service. The guys over atKL Sport always bring their A-game and we are fortunate to have their support.
And let’s not forget about the kids! 2014 will mark the third running of the MVP Health Care Run For Fun! This 1 or 2 lap mini hill climb is for children 4-14 years of age and serves as an introduction to the life long sport of running. Every child wins and everyone will receive a custom made medal and a souvenir bib for participating in this fun, and exciting event. The MVP Health Care Run For Fun will take place at the Midway Lodge at 12:00 noon after the main race.

At the end of the day you can relax, enjoy the live music, grab some BBQ and experience the “Best Awards and Raffle in all of Vermont!
So, there’s only one question left… Are You Tough Enough?

The North Face Launches Mountain Athletics Collection

ALAMEDA, Calif.Feb. 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The North Face today officially launched a digital training platform in tandem with its new Mountain Athletics training apparel and footwear collection. The Mountain Athletics Collection, which is now available at retail stores and offers the durability and full range of motion necessary for intense functional training exercises.
The Mountain Athletics Training Program helps everyday athletes and weekend warriors alike establish a goal within three sports: running, climbing and skiing. Based on a six-week timeline, athletes get a playlist of instructional videos led by The North Face Athlete Team members along with a downloadable training plan that will help them accomplish their outdoor goals.
"One of the insights we got from our Athlete Team is that when they're training for an outdoor pursuit, whether racing 100 miles or climbing Mt. Everest, they're spending more time training than actually doing their sport," said The North Face PresidentTodd Spaletto. "Now we're able to offer the same level of training that our Global Athlete Team members are using to prepare for their expeditions in the world's most extreme environments to all outdoor athletes."
The North Face partnered with Mountain Athlete gym in Jackson, WY to inform product development for the Mountain Athletics line of apparel and footwear, and to build the personalized sport-specific online training programs. Mountain Athlete is also an official facility that helps advise members of The North Face Global Athlete team on how best to train and prepare for their expeditions and competitions.
The North Face will also debut an original Train Smarter web series that will document the journey of four weekend warrior athletes in pursuit of personal goals through the help of Mountain Athletics and The North Face athletes. The series will feature ski mountaineer Kit DesLauriers training a former ski-bum turned nine-to-fiver who hopes to ski a peak in the Cathedral Range of Grand Teton National Park; ultrarunner Dean Karnazes mentoring a marathon runner preparing for his first 50-mile race; and rock climber Cedar Wright preparing a couple of climbing buddies for a first ascent in Yosemite Valley.
The North Face will also host a series of regional events to provide everyday athletes with a preview of the Mountain Athletics Collection and training program beginning in March 2014. Each stop on the eight-city tour will feature a one-hour outdoor training session led by a certified trainer and The North Face athletes, and a festival atmosphere. Registration for the first four events opens today:
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A Review of The North Face Men’s Aconcagua Jacket

the north face men's aconcagua jacket
The Aconcagua down jacket by The North Face is the perfect way to stay warm while going about your daily life. With its remarkably affordable price, you can't go wrong. Like so many North Face products, the Aconcagua jacket is available in an assortment of eye-catching colors so finding something that suits your personal taste is a snap.

550-fill down lends this eye-catching jacket superior warmth and comfort. Although it's stuffed full of down, it manages to retain a streamlined, attractive design. Horizontal seams add visual interest and lend it a rugged and appealing look. A tall collar and bound cuffs enhance its warming capabilities while adding a dash of outdoorsy allure.

It's easy to get through even the most punishing winters when you're zipped up inside the Aconcagua jacket. It features highly durable rip-stop polyester fabric that's been treated with DWR for superior water resistance. You can confidently go about your business even when it's sleeting, raining or snowing, and you'll stay perfectly dry all the while.

If you own other North Face products, you'll be glad to know that the Aconcagua down jacket is compatible with other zip-in and snap-in products. This allows you to layer up when you need even more protection from the elements and enhances the versatility of your winter outerwear. Even if you don't own compatible products yet, you can purchase them in the future to get even more out of this eye-catching jacket.

The Aconcagua jacket by The North Face has a cinch-cord hem that allows you to achieve the perfect fit. Simply adjust it to suit your build and you won't have to worry about cold air finding a way in beneath your jacket. Your body heat will enhance the warmth of this jacket even more to keep you remarkably comfortable no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.

Two secure-zip hand pockets can be used to keep your hands extra warm on cold, windy days, and they also provide the perfect place to store keys, wallets and other personal effects while out and about. There's also an internal security pocket that's the ideal place to keep smartphones and other gear. Every pocket is designed to be flush, so this jacket is exceptionally streamlined and stylish.

In addition to the many thoughtful features that have already been highlighted here, The North Face Aconcagua jacket can be rolled up and stuffed into its left-hand pocket for easy transport. Bring it along with you to ensure that you're always ready for anything.

When you need a warm jacket for everyday use, you can't go wrong with the Aconcagua jacket by North Face. Order your favorite design today!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Safety Precautions and Tips for Outdoor Excursions

Going out into the wilderness carries with it inherent threats to your safety. When going on a hike or participating in sports outdoors, a person should carry a first aid kit, have a compass and a personal locator beacon, carry a device that provides protection and bring enough food for at least three days.

Telling Family Members
Before starting a long hike in the wildness, the explorers should notify at least one family member or close friend of the trip. The individuals should provide the planned route, the date by which they will return and the location at which their automobile will be parked during the excursion.

A Compass and Maps
Although the majority of cell phones have a navigation system, the phone's battery could lose power during a long expedition. The group should carry extensive maps and a compass that does not require a power source during the entire trip.

A First Aid Kit
The group should have a small box that contains large bandages and gauze, ointments that have antibiotics and over-the-counter antihistamines. If one of the hikers has any serious allergies, the kit must include the person's prescribed epinephrine, which should be used in emergency situations.

A Firearm
According to several studies, the majority of people who are injured in the woods are attacked by other, unknown humans. A pistol can provide protection from robbers or hunters who have bad intentions. A person who is lost in a large forest for several weeks or months will be able to use the firearm to hunt animals to obtain vital food.

Pepper Spray
Some reports have indicated that protective spray can stop a charging bear more quickly than a firearm. The spray contains a high level of capsicum, which is a pepper that burns the bear's eyes and sensitive nose.

A Tent
Even if the group is only planning to hike during the day, the explorers should bring a folded tent in case they become stuck and have to remain in the woods at night. Unlike a sleeping bag, a tent will provide protection against rain and snow, and during the winter, the group can huddle together in the tent for extra warmth. Furthermore, various studies have shown that a tent will deter most animals from directly attacking a person in the wilderness.

A Personal Locator Beacon
These devices consume a very small amount of power, and as a result, their batteries last much longer than the battery of a cell phone. The emergency locator beacon can be activated by a third party if a hiker is missing, and the police and searchers can connect the tracking device to their system in order to obtain its exact location.

A Waterproof Backpack
When a person is lost in a large forest, the individual's chance of survival will drop substantially if certain supplies, food and clothes become wet. A waterproof backpack will allow a group to cross sizable rivers and to hike in the rain without damaging any vital items.

Water And Food
An individual should bring enough food for three days and have bottles of water that could allow every person in the group to remain hydrated for at least five days. All of the food should be placed in plastic bags that eliminate the smell, which can attract bears. By bringing matches and a steel pot, the group will be able to boil water from a river if the hikers use their entire supply of fresh water.

A trip into the great outdoors is a wonderful experience and a chance to spend time with friends and loved ones, but it isn’t without its risks. Make sure you’re well prepared for any circumstances before you venture out into the wild.